Some people call it an holistic view, but it is context. Context is not easy to enforce implicitly in a classic database-system. But it is easier to enforce in an archetype-based system.

Maybe I am going to build this semantic database, which is not that hard, as you will read below.

A semantic database is not hard to do. Most parts are off the shelf available, or the knowledge how to build them is available.

A good example of a semantic database is OpenEhr. OpenEhr was designed years before this idea. Somewhere around the year 2000. The idea is designed…

Data-Oriented Programming is a new programming paradigm which simplifies the design of software where information has the focus. Instead of creating classes/entities with code works on the instantiated objects, DOP encourages to separate code from data.

OpenEhr is a clinical oriented database system which has its data-definitions in Archetypes. The concept can be seen in a wider perspective, as Two Level Modeling

Data Oriented (DO) Programming

The principles of Data Oriented (DO) Programming are:

Separate code from data

Code resides in functions which do not depend on data. This is very similar to Functional Programming but DOP is language agnostic, it can be done in very many languages.

Bert Verhees

Bert Verhees is a seasoned programmer, working for Experienced in many methodologies and languages like Go, Java, script languages, XML-related

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